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Reaching Haiti for Christ!!!

Mission of Hope is a 72 acre complex for missions in Haiti. The facilities there are for the implementation of missions to the people of Haiti and to the short term missionaries for one or two weeks at a time. Lives are changed forever by the power of Christ working in the hearts of both the missionaries and the Haitian people. Opportunities are given for short term missionaries to serve in a variety of ways

The Mission of Hope Complex has a variety of tools used in ministry for Christ. The ground itself has been dedicated to God for His use in reaching a desperate people is need of a Savior. The various components of the complex make up a coordinated effort to accomplish this task. So, buildings become tools and real estate becomes the focal point of where ministry is taking place with Jesus Christ as the focus of all activity.

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Founders: Bob & Sharon Johnson

Hope Missions Outreach
c/o Miracle Hills Ranch
35556 West 200th Ave.
Bethany, MO 64424

Phone 660-425-2277
E-mail: hmomhr@grm.net

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Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm